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by Varsha
Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:29 pm
Forum: IMVU Discussion Forum
Topic: People win your Custom Creations on Daily Spin
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Re: People win your Custom Creations on Daily Spin

Yikes! Did you file a help ticket?
by Varsha
Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:28 pm
Forum: Foodies
Topic: Any other veggies here?
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Re: Any other veggies here?

Not a vegetarian but love vegetarian food and being from India cook a lot of it.
by Varsha
Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:48 am
Forum: Welcome
Topic: Welcome Letter From K
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Re: Welcome Letter From K

Peeking in.....

Thanks Notorious for the invite. Thank you Keef for always being the fearless leader of the creator community.
by Varsha
Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:37 am
Forum: Welcome
Topic: Ladies & Gentlemen! Introductions PLEASE!
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Re: Ladies & Gentlemen! Introductions PLEASE!

Hello everyone,

Joining in the fun thanks to an invitation received! Hope everyone is doing well.

I am thoroughly enjoying my new career adventure as well.