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IMVU's Discussion RULES

Post by BunnyCakes » Fri Jul 03, 2020 3:12 am

Community Standards of the IMVU Discussions
Let's all help make the Community an awesome place!

Jun 17, 2019•Standard

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Thank you for being a part of IMVU Discussions. Come here to forge friendships, get and give help, learn about bug fixes, enter exciting IMVU events & contests, learn about feature improvements & quite a bit more. -

Meet the IMVU Discussions Team
Your IMVU Discussions host is Shannon Mac, who works at IMVU as the Senior Community Manager of Customer Care & Education. Think of Shannon as a bridge of communication between the users and the many teams working at IMVU.

Shannon manages a group of volunteers known as Discussion Moderators. Think of our Discussion Moderators as another bridge of communication to IMVU Staff such as Shannon. Our IMVU Discussion Moderators are passionate about the Community’s health so please be respectful towards them even when you are in disagreement. You can learn about our Discussion Moderators here:

Some Guidelines/Tips

IMVU Discussions are public. You should never post personal information.
Learn how to submit your case to get help here-
Use notifications so you can get alerts to your email inbox. -
Flag behavior that is breaking the Community Standards. -
You may bump your post if it has received no reply from anyone after 12 hours. You may bump another two times after another 12 hours. Thereafter when you bump it is spamming.
Use the @ mention function sparingly unless you are replying to someone in the conversation.
English speaking Creators may advertise their shops in the IMVU Catalogs and Product section only. Non-English-speaking Creators are allowed to advertise their shops in their particular language categories.
IMVU has 8 non-English sections for our international users: Deutsch, Español, Francais, Italiano, Lingua Portuguesa, Nederlands, Turkce & Korean (한국어).
If you have been waiting for more than 5 business days to get a reply to your help ticket you may ask a Discussion Moderator to escalate it.

How to communicate in IMVU Discussions

Be nice, polite and respectful. Rudeness and abuse have no place here. If you find yourself getting upset, take a break and return later when you have calmed down.
Do be helpful and kind, especially to new users. You were new like them once, too, remember? When helping users feel free to share IMVU’s help articles. -
Keep your topics positive. It’s far better to say “What do you love about vegetables the most?” than “What do you dislike the most about vegetables?” A topic in which you are guiding users to denigrate can lead to problems. What starts as constructive criticism can soon turn into a toxic and angry environment.
Be descriptive in your title when starting a topic or asking a question. It’s the best way for others to find your post. Do write clearly and legibly. All caps, netspeak, and too many abbreviations will make posts hard to read.
When in disagreement, do share that it is your opinion and not an absolute fact. That latter approach often leads to “flame wars.” If you must, please give constructive feedback instead of harsh criticisms. - ... _criticism
Understand IMVU’s Community Guidelines - ... uidelines/

Here are some things to avoid in IMVU Discussions
Do not be disruptive. Do not troll, cheer on a troll, bait others into a disagreement, proselytize, be off-topic in a discussion post or indulge in otherwise negative behavior.
Do not post private communications in IMVU Discussions.
Do not have legal conversations. Do not act like an attorney.
Do not grief flag or otherwise abuse the flagging process.
Do not discuss your disagreement over rerated or removed products. Do not discuss ways to abuse Peer Review. When you do this, you hurt the Creator Community.
Do not share links to malicious sites or promote exploits to manipulate any area of IMVU.
Do not be a mouthpiece for users who are banned or suspended from IMVU Discussions Any concerns can be privately directed to the Community Team email -
Do not abuse the Leaderboard by gaming its points.

Disciplinary Actions
In general, IMVU strives to change the behavior of a user rather than permanently ban them from participating in IMVU Discussions. This starts with asking them to correct their behavior.
Friendly reminders are courtesies to members who may have violated a rule unintentionally.
Friendly warnings are asking a user to change their behavior but with a sterner tone.
Official warnings are a serious violation. On average 3 official warnings leads to a suspension or ban based on their severity. It’s possible to be suspended or banned for one severe violation.
Some severe violation examples: extreme trolling, grossly inappropriate links or images, illegal activity, overly disruptive to the health of IMVU Community, extreme spamming, failure to correct previous bad behavior, etc.
Suspension: This is a time-based and typically 3-14 days in which the user is barred from accessing IMVU Discussions. Once the suspension is lifted, the user will need to contact the person who suspended them or the Community Team email -
Permanent Ban: This is the result of several suspensions or a severe violation.
Appeals: If you disagree with a decision contact IMVU Community Team at and include all the details, especially your avatar name. A reply could take as long as 45 days.
Applied to the user, not their avatar name: Use of alternate accounts is not permitted if you are banned or suspended from IMVU Discussions. Failure to comply could result in the suspension or banning of your IMVU accounts. ... iscussions

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