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MASA update!

Post by BunnyCakes » Wed Aug 05, 2020 3:34 am


Dear Creators,

Thank you for your candid feedback about MASA. Your input has helped us design an updated payout system, allowing Creators to get their money more quickly. We feel this is a more sustainable solution than the Temporary MASA Update introduced in March, and we hope it proves satisfactory for you.

The new system is being worked on now, and will launch as soon as possible. We will let you know when it goes live.

This is how it will work:

We are granting a 25% MASA payout increase for all Creators in the Earn Money Program.
The increase will automatically appear in your MASA counter.
Here’s an example: If your MASA is $1000, your MASA counter will automatically add 25% for a total of $1,250.
NOTE: the 25% increase does not apply to Creators whose MASA is $10,000 per month as per our Creator Agreement Policy

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts and helping us do better. We greatly appreciate it.


Dear Creators,

We're very close to introducing an updated MASA system that will provide quicker payouts for Creators who see increased earnings. We're working on this now and will update you as soon as it's live.

Also, thank you for bringing your recent MASA fluctuations to our attention. Because of your feedback, we were able to discover the issue fairly quickly. This is what happened. On July 1, when we changed the system to reduce fluctuations, we introduced a bug that incorrectly added extra days to your MASA. This caused small fluctuations in your MASA and unintended MASA increases. The issue has now been corrected, and is the reason why you're seeing a drop in your MASA today.

We sincerely apologize for this mistake and for the confusion it caused you. Thank you again for your patience and your feedback and stay tuned for the MASA payout update!

NEW: As of today (July 6), your MASA will be recalculated on the first of each month, which means you will see a rise or fall in your MASA once per month. The calculation will be based on 365 days of sales data, going backwards from the 15th of the previous month.


Hi Creators,

Thank you again for your feedback about MASA and for your patience as we continue to dig into this program.

We are still looking into how we can provide payouts that more quickly reflect increased earnings - specifically for Creators who have experienced consistent growth over a period of time. We will update you as soon as we have news.

On July 1st we made some internal changes to the MASA counter, in order to prevent it from fluctuating as much.

If you do you see your MASA change slightly throughout the month this could be due to the following:

Catalog Reversals.
Catalog Sales
Derived Sales
Correction 7/6/2020: old sales dropping at the tail end of a Creator’s sales (sales that are more than 365 days old) does not cause fluctuations throughout the month


Thank you for your feedback about MASA and for your patience as we continue our research.

You’ve expressed that when your earnings increase you want to see your payouts reflect those earnings more quickly. In response, we are reviewing MASA for Creators who have experienced consistent growth over a period of time. We will keep you posted on our progress and will update you as soon as we have news.

Some of you also mentioned that your MASA levels appear to be fluctuating or decreasing. We hope the following details help clarify things for you.

In efforts to be more transparent, we added a MASA counter to represent your current MASA, up to today’s date. Since your MASA is now calculated on a daily basis, you see your amounts change every day. Before the change, your MASA was only calculated once per month so you would only see fluctuations once per month.

A Creator with very active sales can now see their MASA numbers changing every hour or less. This is because they’re receiving up to the minute rather than static data.

As an example a Creator might have a MASA of $650.00 and an hour later could see it change to $625.00 or $675.00. We believe this may have created some confusion in our attempts to be painfully transparent.

Your MASA will fluctuate due to the following reasons:

Pending escrow rollover of Creator’s products - 14 days;
Reversal of sales
Catalog Sales
Derived Sales
Large old sales dropping at the tail end of a Creator’s sales;
Sales that are more than 365 days old
Temp disablement

We hope these updates and details have helped and thank you again for sharing your feedback and for your patience.

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