Types of intelligence

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Types of intelligence

Post by Elaini » Sun Jul 23, 2017 3:48 am

I have actually seen this around the web a lot recently - when spoken about intelligence, they nearly always bring up the IQ scores or Mensa. I just keep thinking how one sided that is. IQ measures the logical ability (which does change and can be trained to he higher), but it's not nearly all that there is for intelligence.

In my mindset there are three types of intelligence that are equally important - logical, creative and social. All are needed, and all need each other to get anywhere.

Many people with high IQ are often introverts which may make them appear socially awkward to some. This might be a cliché, but it is the kind that makes sense because not all logically intelligent people have the patience to explain every detail all over again to those who are not familiar with the subject. Unless they're a good combination of logical and social intelligence which makes them teachers, very likely.

You could also have a scenario where you mainly have a lot of logical and creative intelligence. You may be able to create the single most important invention in quite a while, yet if you do not have people with social intelligence to market your invention to the great masses, it won't get very far. Socially intelligent people know exactly to push the right buttons of the people to make things happen in that scale. None of us really can make it alone even despite having talent.

In other words being very Mensa centered shows an undertone of elitism and one sidedness, which is not very socially appealing, because there are many ways to be intelligent and stupid. But groups are allowed not to be all inclusive in order to keep their uniqueness, I get that.

Anyway, this is my view... discuss about it how you will.

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