As an older user, have been wondering something about IMVU creating lately.

Questions, Tips and Concerns about Creating on IMVU in general.
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As an older user, have been wondering something about IMVU creating lately.

Post by Elaini » Sun Mar 07, 2021 5:50 pm

I've had a major hiatus from IMVU in the last couple of years. Meanwhile I have been following news about IMVU, logging in the site once in a while. The clients, not so much.

The site is still a divided, confusing mess between old and new. They still have the good old features like groups awkwardly out of date and swept under the rug while they add half baked features like Next and other abandoned features. I have tried the new client and it failed to impress me. Why didn't they improve the old one like they did before? The rooms I've seen aren't exactly filled with people, either.

The suggestions cannot be discussed about, they just let them slide without bumping from replies so no one can really vote them like (they "suggest") we should be doing. It's more about fishing follows like in a usual microblogging social media and less about intact, heartfelt community. They've fallen far from phpBB forum days. :roll:

Now, I am nearing my 40s in a couple of years. :? I still have unfinished projects in IMVU and now, under the covid-19 pandemic there really isn't a better time to finish them up especially when working from home is what we all are recommended these days.

Yet, I'm thinking that I'm increasingly drawn to Second Life where things are less confusing and they have one virtual currency instead of four (credits, promo credits, developer tokens and now Vcoins). SL style is also closer to mine, generally more attracted towards anatomical realism. I'm not even sure anymore if meshing realistic things would sell in IMVU that well, the dolly forms have clearly retained their popularity in IMVU.

Should I still finish my projects in IMVU or not, or use my focus on SL at once? Is there possibly anything I could still get from IMVU, as is or as a sort of springboard to SL in the financial means? :| Because I need to figure out which work I should put my heart into.

I'm asking because if I remember right, the site was named as Pixelpusher for the open possibility of discussing or promoting the other platforms as well.

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